Sweaty Sock Blackmail (Fantasy)

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So I ran into an ex of yours the other day, and she told me a very interesting little fact about you. She told me that you have a fetish for smelly sweaty socks, that you love to sniff them while you fuck or stroke yourself off. I just got back from the gym and...well I want you to smell MY socks, they're extra sweaty and honestly, I think that would be reallllllly hot! Whoops...did I just accidentally take a picture of you? Oh no, I wonder what would happen if your new girlfriend saw that? I assume she knows that socks are your sexual fantasy as well, whatever would she think of you doing that with me? I think that she might just dump you, and you'll be all alone again. I guess I don't have to tell her, we can make a deal, if you do one thing for me. I won't completely destroy your life, if you vow to be mine and my boyfriends personal service boy. Thats right, you're going to service my big hunky man whenever and wherever we want.