Heels and Ass Make you Stupid

  • Model: Kelly Sunshine
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I’ve stomped on many men, broken many hearts, and fucked with many minds in My high heels. The combination of My long legs, heels, soft skin, and My plump ass is enough to make any man into My own personal beta male puppet. You can't resist the urge to spend when you watch My long legs move and My perfect ass jiggle. I could easily do permanent damage to you with My heels, so you’d better obey Me. I could destroy you financially just by teasing you. My ass and these heels draw you in and turn you into a total dummy. You can’t look away. You disgust Me and deserve to be toyed with, loser. Using your weakness to My advantage is a very fun game. Imagine being allowed to lick the bottom of My heels and worship My beautiful ass. You have been a loser for so long, you’ve accepted the fact that the closest you’re EVER going to get to Me is on your knees licking My heels. Crawl to Me and beg for it. Make Me believe that you truly know your place as a man.