No Normal Relationships for you

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Sad little freak. You are so predictable. You spend hours each day jerking off to your biggest addiction: humiliation porn. This habit has taken hold of you. You've become so utterly brainwashed by beautiful women telling you you're trash, there is absolutely no going back. You're so obsessed with masturbating to Goddesses degrading you, now you can't get hard for anything else. You've become a useless lover to your vanilla partner. It's to the point where you can't even get it up without being called a pathetic bitch. If you can't give her the dick, what the fuck are you even good for? It's time to face reality, loser. You are a humiliation junkie! There's no way around it. Your sexual and romantic life as you once knew it is over. Accept your place as a submissive fuck boy, and get used to being on your knees.