Friendzone is Fake

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I'm sick of hearing fuck boys like you complain about not being able to get laid. You whine all day long about how women lead you on and then never wanna fuck you. You cry and say "Girls don't like nice guys! They're always putting me in the Friendzone!" ...Cringe. I've got news for you. The friendzone doesn't exist. The truth is, you are just a loser! Of course women don't want to have sex with an incel like you! You have nothing to offer a woman. You're pathetic, you haven't improved your personality since high school, you know close to nothing about the real world, you're ugly, self centered and you can't fuck! Bitch, you're a troll, and that sounds like a personal problem. It's time to quit feeling sorry for yourself and grow the fuck up. Until you can learn to become a real man, you are destined to a loveless life of chastity. Sucks for you.