Lydia's Sensual Chastity tease

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Ive made 9 pcs Beetlejuice cosplay themed bdsm/fetish clip for Valentines day ! Watch me as : Lydia Deetz & cum with me ! In this clip im wearing Lydia's black outfit with leather boots.

Ive summoned you my dear Beetlejuice , bc i wanted to check your chastity belt. I was the one who put that on you, i just wanted to train your dick... But... i realized that: you are my treasure ! You are the most important person for me, and i want to own your cock forever ! The key is in my hand , the belt on your cock... like that i can keep your dick safe ! Im your owner, your one and only Mistress, and ill lock you away ! Watch me tease you, holding the key while i telling you that: you are mine, FOREVER !