P0pp€rs & Blackmail Fantasy

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The sensation that travels through your body, the relaxation that you feel, the desire to submit yourself to an all powerful goddess...there is just something about the sniff and stroke regimen that you can't escape. When you inhale those naughty fumes, you have feelings like you've never felt before, urges that you can't control, it's enough to bring you to your knees. you find yourself wanting to submit to my every wish and need. But this time the intensity is heightened, this time we're delving deeper. I want to loosen you up, to gain your trust, teasing you and taunting you while I caress my body and parade it in front of you, watching you inhale and exhale. Each whiff getting you more loose...and loose with the lips. I want you to take one long inhale and hold it in for me.I want you to think about your deepest darkest secrets, something nobody else knows. Shhhh, in this space you can tell me anything...at your own risk.