I am perfection from head to toes

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Always back for more, you can never seem to get enough. I am your one true God and you were put here to serve me. My long legs and perfect heels will always rule your mind. You can never get enough of me. I am absolutely perfect. Don’t you wish you could give me everything you have? You wish I’d take it all and completely fuck you over financially. You are my servant, you were put here to please me. You are controlled by God. I am perfection. My endless, long, lovely legs down to my toes, they drain you dry of everything. You are my slave. You are weak for me.

I control you. I am in the deep, dark depths of your mind. I will use and abuse you as I see fit. You are worthless. You are nothing. You are a weak willed slave bending underneath my perfect fingers, being crushed underneath my perfect heels. You will give me all that I crave, just to worship me. God controls you. I control every bit of your free will. I think for you now. You are my toy. You will adore me at every waking moment. You will breathe in my essence with every inhale. You will be consumed by my perfection. Go ahead, kiss my perfect toes. I know you can’t resist. You’re so weak for me.

Give in and kiss my Goddess toes. Live for my perfection. Worship. Adore. Spoil. Give me everything, just to lick my heels. Kiss my Princess tattoo on my foot. Show me how much you worship me. Spoil me for I am your true God. You will give me everything that I need and want. I will totally overpower you with my words and there is nothing you can do about it. I am your weakness, I am your strength and you will bend to my will as I see fit. Pray to me, pray to your God. You’re so addicted to me and I know it. I’m inside of your mind. Get on your knees before me where you belong, know your place before me. Know your place in front of God. You will sacrifice your mind, body and soul just to please me.