Be my feet slave and bust your balls

190 Credits ($18.99)

First of all i will explain to you what you have to do to be my foot slave.

Then i explain to you what you will have to do for me now.I will sit down on a bed, with a strapon and instruct you to jerk off for my feet while you bust your balls with a pair of high heels (with the sole). I will show you by slamming my strap on with the sole of my sexy high heels.

I explain to you that you love my feet and you have to break your cock and balls for me. That your cock and balls belong to ME. you can only jerk off for my feet.

Then i stand up and kick on the camera (POV) and tell you that every time i kick with my sexy feet, you will have to bust your balls with the sole of your shoe very hard (i will say words like: crush it, break it for my feet, do it hard, harder). I will make fun of you after each kick by putting my hands between my legs and saying : ooouuuh does it hurt, your balls are crushed ?

At the end of the video, I sit back on the bed, tell you to jerk off for my feet (imagining your cock between my soles, sliding between them, and crushed between them) and give you a cum countdown. On each countdown (from 30 to 1) i slam my shoe on the strap on and tell you to do it.

From 10 to 1 i tell me to do it very very hard, i want you to break your balls for my feet. On 1 i order you to grindyour nuts with your shoe to empty every drop of cum.

At the end, i tell you that you will have to listen to me all the time now. That you will continue being my slave on MV and i will provide you with more instructions by video and chat. That your dick and balls belong to me and my feet