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05/21/2019 01:04
RT @tiffanyrg9: This is quality content
05/20/2019 16:22
RT @intoinside: Jenny Blighe #JennyBlighe @JennyBlighe
05/20/2019 02:00
RT @PastelCoffins: hand jobs are now called beef jerkies
05/20/2019 01:37
someone film this for meeeee 😪 i cannot believe it’s almost been a full year…
05/19/2019 23:33
RT @lvplboi83: #SaucySunday❤: @JennyBlighe
05/19/2019 22:40
RT @iamcardib: Keep it cute sis!
05/19/2019 20:09
RT @DarrenCriss: Wow, I can’t believe that it was already ten years ago today that I had pretty much nothing to do with Glee. How the times…
05/19/2019 16:02
Thank you for tipping for Don't Pull Out, Daddy! 💚
05/19/2019 15:06
RT @JennyBlighe: my son edits better than i do.... he just sent me this masterpiece lol
05/19/2019 13:40
RT @DrewMcCaskill: 2019 Morehouse Commencement speaker Robert Smith Just cleared the student loan debt of the entire graduating class!!! #M…
05/19/2019 03:25
RT @yannanrsc: James Charles fr pulled a whole ass reverse Uno 'no u' card on Tati and Jeffree

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