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03/27/2017 21:47
RT @LustArmyLt: @CamilleBlackxxx If I ever get into tow truck driving that's my Business' name for sure😃😅
03/27/2017 21:47
RT @SuperItalian31: @CamilleBlackxxx @SulledOut I haven't heard shite or bullocks in ages! Camille' you cntinually blow my mind!
03/27/2017 20:13
RT @SuperItalian31: @CamilleBlackxxx Though the fact that you're a hockey fan makes you even cooler! Does your husband realize he's married…
03/27/2017 19:18
It's about that time! #ThunderBug #GoBolts #BoltsNation
03/27/2017 18:55
RT @MaliceBBW: Someone buy @CamilleBlackxxx a selfie stick lol.…
03/27/2017 18:36
RT @RaquelRoperxx: Sex workers should be supporting fellow sex workers, not bringing them down; don't we get enough hate & backlash from ma…
03/27/2017 18:36
My friend spotted this in traffic. #notallheroeswearcapes #cameltowing #cameltoe

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