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I have been Dominant, Bossy & Bitchy all of My life. Naturally, I matured into a Spoiled Princess & Seductress. By nature, I am a TEASE. I laugh at other's expense. I am all you desire and then some. I am aggressive. I expand all boundaries. I am creative. I am mysterious. I like a mental challenge. I am complex. I am Independent. I am Feminine. I am Graceful. I am imaginative. I bust balls. I am not afraid of the unknown. I have high expectations. I do not settle for second best, nor do I give


10/20/2018 03:39
Today was hard. A few years ago I got a call from a partner who tested positive. I’m lucky I did not. Hes living we……
10/20/2018 00:43
Volunteered for #ahf at #vegaspride tonight. #knowyourstatus. I walk for My friends with hiv & aids. I see you and……
10/20/2018 00:05
Indulge in Perversion. Order a #CustomVideo from Me! #Cuckolding #ForcedBi #ForcedI
10/19/2018 14:45
I’ve really got to learn how to nap. Today’s cat wake up call was 5am. Getting sleepy & I have a lot to do today.
10/19/2018 09:15
Give in to My seductive voice & devious mind. Taking phone sessions now. #Femdom #Cuckolding #Intox #Sissy 1-800-To-Flirt, ext: 0501-890.
10/19/2018 02:20
This little cutie was on My outdoor lights trying to get warm. Very different living in the desert. Random lizards……
10/18/2018 14:23
RT @AngelDeLuca: Follow @MayaSinstress @WillTileXXX @debbieblows @jackcannonxxx Also check out @HalloHappening for more #LetsGetLit #TheHal…
10/18/2018 00:38
RT @masuimimax: @slave_66 @MayaSinstress @AdmiralTheatre @WillTileXXX Yesss!!! 😍 Reunited and it feels so good
10/17/2018 20:44
RT @AdmiralTheatre: For ten years the dead have risen at the World Famous Admiral Theatre. Witnesses the FINAL CHAPTER as the worlds best i…
10/17/2018 20:41
Night of the Stripping Dead 2017 via @YouTube

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