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I'm always down for a little jerk-off encouragement and I love filming fetish and femdom theme clips.

If you're looking for a boy/girl or girl/girl clip, please choose the appropriate addons.


06/30/2018 07:28
RT @jennyjenli: @uppittynegress Prostitution is not bad though. Stigmatized yes, but not bad. I refuse to accept the narrative on the left…
06/30/2018 07:25
So true & in so many circumstances. People would rather sit back judge than ask how to help. (Or massively enable t……
06/17/2018 03:03
RT @SacredGoddess_: Domination is not "just being a bitch and making them feel horrible." This type of mindset is extremely toxic to the…
06/17/2018 01:54
RT @MsMaggieMayhem: It’s devastating to hear that the 2019 @DesireeAlliance conference has been cancelled because the organizers fear it wi…
06/17/2018 01:53
Porn framing/angled for phone screens are so different than tv sized porn. Zoom out and show me all the goods.
06/14/2018 19:45
RT @PicardTips: Picard management tip: There is always a non-obvious third option. When caught between a rock and a hard place, find a jack…
06/04/2018 20:26
Internet is out in my neighborhood today, hopefully they'll get it straightened out soon 😑
05/15/2018 11:14
RT @TroyMI_Police: Let's make Tuesday a PAWSITIVE day!
05/10/2018 17:41
View from the office. #beachlife #GhostWhite #footfetish
05/10/2018 17:33
People still use ringbacks? Is that still a thing? #Throwback
05/10/2018 10:59
My #coffee this morning is gross. 😒 That's what I get for trying a new brand. #share what's in your cup.

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