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12/10/2018 02:41
12/10/2018 02:41
Goodnight 🌙 hope to see everyone ASAP!
12/09/2018 12:54
Thank you for the 200 token offline tip @MyFreeCams! 😍
12/09/2018 12:27
200 offline tokens gets you a personalized Christmas card with a lipstick kiss 💋 from me 🤶🏼🎄Can’t do much today but……
12/09/2018 12:23
Any offline tips would help tremendously! Time off work/cam plus all these appointments & medications out of pocket is killin me smalls
12/08/2018 02:07
Thank you for the 300 token offline tip @MyFreeCams! 😍
12/07/2018 20:00
Hi guys I won’t be on tonight 😭 I’m in too much pain & I can’t walk. Hopefully I feel better tmrw have a good night everyone
12/07/2018 00:16
Wasn’t hernia. Illeitis. Have to follow up w GI dr next week to check for Crohns. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it on c……
12/06/2018 16:44
Hey guys I’m not sure if I’ll be on cam tonight, I’ve had stomach pains since 4 AM and I think it’s an ulcer so I a……
12/06/2018 01:40
We went from #363 to #421 but that’s ok I wasn’t on long tn & we’re still under 500 🤗
12/05/2018 23:08
I'm online @MyFreeCams! #onmfc 😈

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