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09/23/2018 01:28
I'm on the #mostpopular list at #Customs4U ! Check me out and get a #clip!…
09/23/2018 00:38
I feel really bummed lately. Just sad & irritated & anxious. Is it a full moon? What’s going on here?
09/23/2018 00:36
Why 😩 I fell asleeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!
09/22/2018 14:56
Hi 🙈 Thank you very much to everyone who purchases content & stuff offline 💜
09/21/2018 01:14
Back in public!
09/20/2018 22:48
Hi buttheads I’m gonna be on MFC in like a half hour!
09/20/2018 22:32
Someone has #spoiled me @customs4u. Treat me now!… #tribute #goddess #findom
09/20/2018 14:39
This is the 2nd time I’ve been hired as Asian. I’m just going to accept it. 😂 Kira Chung
09/20/2018 14:25
Shit now I have to stop eating cookies & do cardio
09/20/2018 13:57
Ya girl got an extra part in Jungleland 🤣
09/19/2018 15:49
Good afternoon my lil weirdos 😈
09/19/2018 00:40
09/19/2018 00:34
any chance we'll ever see you get or use bigger toys like a sybian or monkeyrocker or fuck machine? or you not inte……
09/18/2018 15:45
What’s the most under rated exercise when lifting? — Barbell thrusts for sure. It hits the entire posterior chain.…
09/18/2018 15:19
Would you ever do pornhub videos or is their money not enough compared to selling your own? — I don’t know anything……

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