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05/17/2018 23:23
RT @SpeedWeed: When Vegans tell me I need more fruit in my diet...
05/07/2018 01:05
RT @SpeedWeed: Watch these amazing comics TONIGHT ON @Showtime I’m Dying Up Here is BACK! ✌🏽 @SHO_DyingUpHere @CheetoSantino @ErikGriffin…
03/29/2018 01:54
RT @SpeedWeed: Hope your day is stoney.
03/23/2018 14:01
RT @SpeedWeed: When the weed kicks in and stimulates your cerebral cortex... don’t hate...Steve Jobs used the same method... (and we’re sur…
02/25/2018 14:02
RT @TonyHinchcliffe: Monday our good friend @truTVjokers @SalVulcano rejoins the show and it’s gonna be a barnburner. @KILLTONY 8pm @TheCom…
02/20/2018 05:25
RT @SpeedWeed: The @SpeedWeed MVP award goes to @NateDiaz209 lighting up a joint on live TV showing Texas and the World what that Cali life…
01/25/2018 14:55
RT @SpeedWeed: ...when your friend is telling a story and you keep waiting for them to light the blunt and pass it....…
01/25/2018 14:54
RT @SpeedWeed: Mom caught me smoking, told her I rolled my own. Now she’s teaching me a lesson...
01/25/2018 14:54
RT @joerogan: The great and powerful Gino from speedweed with the amazing CBD products.
01/25/2018 14:54
RT @SpeedWeed: Bongs set at ready. @funnyfelipe headed to prime time tonight 8pm @NBCSuperstore…
01/25/2018 14:53
RT @SpeedWeed: How to do High Tea @realjeffreyross ☕️ A Dark Roast with 3 sugar lumps and a @SpeedWeed preroll #totalblackouttour https://t…
10/01/2017 17:48
RT @SpeedWeed: Saturday night feels... @tanamongeau expressing what we are all collectively thinking...…
10/01/2017 17:48
RT @SpeedWeed: When you're a @SpeedWeed VIP
07/16/2017 12:51
RT @SpeedWeed: When you're baked having a conversation but your buddy is High AF.
04/21/2017 21:06
RT @SpeedWeed: I may be pretty high but let's get @RealLadsOnTour out to Cali this summer. Lads on tour > Brotherhood…
04/18/2017 16:36
RT @SpeedWeed: The feels you get when you open up that speedweed delivery.
04/14/2017 17:53
RT @SpeedWeed: Betty White's on that 420 Wake and Bake Regime to keep her going. #BettyWhiteOG…
04/12/2017 16:13
RT @SpeedWeed: When someone asks what religion I believe in...
04/08/2017 23:09
RT @SpeedWeed: When your friends are making plans ... But you're home, have weed.

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