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Hi, and welcome! I mostly specialize in custom videos but I also release videos of my own creation when I have the time. You will notice that I enjoy many different genres. I don't necessarily focus on any one thing. Well, I'd say I focus I am highly sought after for custom content. That's because I listen to you and I know how to deliver. I pride myself on being relatable and easy to communicate with. You can interact with me on my twitter @brookemariecam and much more. See you soon!…


09/20/2017 18:32
Because @missvikkilynn and I are a couple of children we aren't only having a unicorn cake but bounce houses at our……
09/17/2017 20:47
Lmfao. My EXACT face every time it occurs.…
09/17/2017 13:23
#weebrooke is so attached to this bear I had as a kid. Always likes to give/show it to me but then has to take it r……
09/16/2017 18:32
Any one else subscribe to Highlights magazine as a kid? @missvikkilynn and I did, and it's so so fun to share that now with #weebrooke!
09/14/2017 22:48
RT @WebeandoConJako: Too much #Perfection on this photo. That #Beautiful #Face, those #Eyes, those #Feet... Oh my... 😍 Check out @BrookeMar…
09/14/2017 21:26
My best friend makes cakes, cant wait to see it!…
09/14/2017 21:15