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05/25/2017 19:12
Love being w my fam but must get some work done, when you're in charge of making your own…
05/25/2017 02:26
Add my free Snapchat!! MSBRIANNAJORDAN #snapchat #instadaily #follow #instafollow #followme @…
05/24/2017 17:34
😎 @ Paradise, Nevada
05/24/2017 16:55
😅 pulled a miracle outta my hat & im off to AZ after I had to cancel my trip yesterday. Thanks…
05/23/2017 23:48
05/23/2017 20:55
LOS ANGELES @ Los Angeles, California
05/23/2017 20:36
That about sums up today's feels 🙁 @ Las Vegas, Nevada
05/23/2017 18:25
RT @LyzabethLopez: SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Commit to living a healthier lifestyle with THE HOURGLASS WORKOUT https://t.…
05/23/2017 18:24
RT @LyzabethLopez: Sending My Prayers to Manchester
05/23/2017 18:23
RT @KeiranLee: Time for Theresa May and British Government to start protecting the people and deport these vile scum #manchester
05/23/2017 18:23
RT @TomiLahren: With all the madness in #Manchester I am glad we have a president dedicated to keeping Americans safe @TrumpAlliance #Great…
05/23/2017 17:07
Members only new release @ Las Vegas, Nevada
05/23/2017 11:02
Just posted a photo
05/22/2017 23:27
💃🏻 @ Las Vegas, Nevada
05/22/2017 23:15
RT @Sagittarius_F6: Bad habit that #Sagittarius have : Having high expectations for someone only to be let down numerous of times.
05/22/2017 18:39
SOOOOOO DAMN STRESSED & of course things keep delaying me! Out of my control. Just gotta try to…
05/22/2017 14:11
**memorial day FREE autographed 8x10 giveaway** You must add my free snapchat MSBRIANNAJORDAN to…
05/22/2017 10:34
Goodmorning 💓#monday @ Las Vegas, Nevada
05/22/2017 09:28
I guess my new thing is just not sleeping 🙄😣

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