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I am a muse. I am an entertainer. I am a Burner. I am happy to not fit in the typical 9-5 box. I've been exploring the non-porn fetish arena and absolutely love it! I love the control I have, the ability to make you excited with something I make you hehehe Want to learn more, just ask! I have tons of content that I am slowly uploading, including but not limited to:

Foot/socks/shoe fetish
Food & object crush
Tiny penis teasing
Hand fetish


02/21/2019 01:41
RT @saraspot: Fun fact: every single senator who’s running in the D primary supported SESTA-FOSTA. They ALL should be grilled repeatedly ab…
02/21/2019 01:38
Time to snuggle in for the night⭐️ and thanks @Cam4 for the #swagbag @AEexpo @CupcakeGirlsOrg lounge 🖤😈🖤
02/21/2019 01:34
Got more presents randomly in the mail. With no name! Claim yourself 😈🖤💋 #spoiled #ValentinesDay #latepresents
02/20/2019 23:55
RT @hinataIovebot: omg he be like munch meow meow meow 🥺
02/20/2019 22:45
You need a #CustomVideo from me!Direct your fantasy with me here iwe.one/Ojx
02/20/2019 18:14
Stilettos & Fishnets Presents... @VeroTrueSocial
02/20/2019 17:38
My new video is really hot! Check it out! eve-batelle.com

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