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12/10/2018 19:34
RT @geewheezie: I want to warn women our heart attacks feel different. Last Sunday I had a heart attack. I had a 95% block in my left anter…
12/10/2018 18:37
RT @Karbonshark: “Pre-Game” composed by Rhyan D’Errico Original Music From The Feature Documentary, "After Porn Ends 3" Listen to it here:…
12/10/2018 18:24
RT @randomsexworker: @AshleyJudd So sexwork isn't work but acting is?
12/10/2018 18:19
RT @HollyMillions: Will fuck for food and rent. Will fuck for Christmas presents under the tees and I will fuck to pay my bills and fuck yo…
12/10/2018 10:55
RT @georgetony37: The fabulous @DJBritStar 🌸
12/10/2018 10:13
RT @OV00001: @DPxxx Yes, you book @DJBritStar at @TheVIPConnect
12/10/2018 01:45
RT @Jtbbc_90: @DJBritStar must be a vampire. She’s hotter than ever! 😍😈 Xxx
12/10/2018 01:42
RT @chuck_dc: @Brazzers How about a Sex in the City parody too. @Brandilove213 as Cynthia Nixon’s part, @DJBritStar as Kim Catral”s part, @…
12/10/2018 01:40
RT @jayson5800: @DJBritStar Heyyy! Huge fan of yours! Your work is awesome! A lot of fans would love to see a scene featuring you and the @…
12/09/2018 20:20
RT @Karbonshark: “Life After XXX” composed by Rhyan D’Errico and Simon Jay Original Music From The Feature Documentary, "After Porn Ends 2"…
12/09/2018 15:54
RT @OV00001: @Brazzers @DJBritStar two per month,
12/09/2018 13:03
RT @PStarPlatinum: @Joslyn_James is owning 41 and this cougar is fucking steamy and dripping wet!! We’re drooling over this one; we’re pret…
12/09/2018 10:45
RT @DeseoKarnal: @DJBritStar #Femdom #Pegging #Goddess…
12/09/2018 10:41
RT @pornlaw: The internet war on sex is here… via @engadget
12/09/2018 10:21
More men than women said that marriage and children are essential to a fulfilling life. Good then they can have th……
12/09/2018 10:11
RT @Inspire_Us: Someone is praying for the things you take for granted.

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