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09/21/2017 21:03
Back to Fort Lauderdale next week! Contact Me for session info:
09/21/2017 21:02
RT @itsJustStev3: @Kinky_Ladies1 @Kendrajames13 @Mistress_Kendra Kendra James is the One true Goddess
09/18/2017 22:34
I'll be back in Fort Lauderdale/ Miami and available for #prodom sessions after Sept. 26!
09/18/2017 22:32
#christianlouboutin heels: a status symbol, totally beautiful, most uncomfortable shoes ever.
09/16/2017 02:10
RT @Kendrajames13: I'm filming solo on Sunday! Order a kinky custom pov video now!
09/16/2017 02:07
RT @Kinky_Ladies1: The Amazing @Kendrajames13 & @Mistress_Kendra #Femdom #Mistress #Goddess Join Me https://t…
08/29/2017 14:19
I'm booking sessions in Fort Lauderdale this week and Los Angeles in September!
08/29/2017 14:18
RT @DevinaCox: @Mistress_Kendra You're also someone who's welcoming, embracing, & encouraging of those who wish to be better than they are…
08/26/2017 16:58
There's a difference between fantasy & reality, but unfortunately that line is getting blurred for a lot of people.

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