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Lady Morrigan

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About me

Welcome, pets.

Are you searching for a Sensual Dominatrix? Or maybe for a Strict Mistress, or a Lingerie Queen? Look no further, because you will find here all that you need.

My favorite fetishes include: FemDom POV, feminization, strap-on, intox, tease, chastity, cuckolding, humiliation, high heels, lingerie & nylons, giantess, mouth fetish. I am very open-minded and fetish-friendly, so feel free to ask me about any other fetish not listed here.

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04/25/2017 23:55
Ass & Legs Tease In White Vanity Fair Panties is now available… @customs4u #clip #newclip
04/25/2017 21:41
04/25/2017 16:55
Can't have said it better. 💯Constructive criticism is SO important, and it keeps you anchored in real world. Yet mo……
04/25/2017 16:38
Time for a shower 🚿
04/25/2017 13:19
RT @MissLoreleiLee: Even worse than the celebrity rhetoric that "sex workers' lives are tragic" is the way that trope disallows us from hav…
04/25/2017 12:47
If you didn't know, I enjoy playing GW2. In my home city, I have a home instance, which I've filled with stray kitties. 😻
04/25/2017 12:14
RT @SWeverywhere: hmmm. people STILL haven't realised how fucking OBSESSED men are with the BBW niche. advice should cater to that HUGE mar…
04/25/2017 12:10
Call my #ignore line! 1-800-To-Flirt, ext: 11261491.
04/24/2017 23:00
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