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My favorite types of clips to make involve role play, fetishes, and femme domme. I love talking dirty to the camera and spinning elaborate fantasies, transporting the both of us with my words. As a talker, I especially love verbal humiliation.

My full fetish wardrobe includes corsets, latex, vintage lingerie, and stockings. I'd love to get dressed up with you!

Want to see me with a guy? My personal submissive, Sam Solo, loves to be used and abused in order to make money…


10/21/2017 21:51
Many submissive men would benefit from reading this. (Their mistresses would, too.)…
10/21/2017 21:20
Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? #sanfrancisco 10/28 9:30 pm …
10/21/2017 15:32
I just had to have it. 🙈🎀💝 I guess I'm a basic ABDL girl, if that's a thing. XO
10/21/2017 13:58
I've just got a new #fan! Get access to my unseen and exclusive content at
10/21/2017 11:07
RT @gargarean_: @pamperedpenny As a genuinely submissive man, I will watch all of Pauly Shore's movies for you and find somehow meaning. H…
10/21/2017 03:49
Another #fan just renewed their monthly subscription! See my exclusive content at
10/20/2017 23:07
This may be the last time that I wear this set. XO 👙👠👙👠
10/20/2017 22:37
I've just got a new #fan! Get access to my unseen and exclusive content at
10/20/2017 22:29
RT @GirlBullies: Pinned under @pamperedpenny's #butt while @DaisyDucati squeezes in a #scissorhold Hired To #Humiliate & Destroy-https://t…
10/20/2017 21:55
RT @pamperedpenny: What should my next vlog be about? (Nursery tour will be as an AB girl, what's in my diaper bag will be as a Mommy.)

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