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Princess Samantha

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Ever wanted to serve an intelligent , bratty , classy Goddess ? Look no further , I am expensive and superior - the top of my game and I expect the same from my full time subs . Bow down at my presence as you enter the church of Goddess Samantha . I can also be cruel and sadistic offering the best in bratty femdom and humiliation. I have been on the femdom scene for nearly 6 years online, it's a lifestyle only a few can really live. It may be hard to get my attention which means only the best


11/22/2017 14:24
You have to pay for my Kik . Influx of unflushed turds turning up in my inbox
11/22/2017 13:24
My #fan u4565 has just sent me a $50.00 TIP!
11/22/2017 11:33
Let’s chat on KIK
11/22/2017 09:34
RT @_youhadonejob1: No thanks.
11/22/2017 07:31
Beat this #sph mangina
11/22/2017 05:21
Face it you marriage is shit
11/22/2017 05:06
Another #fan just renewed their monthly subscription! See my exclusive content at
11/22/2017 04:38
Another #fan just renewed their monthly subscription! See my exclusive content at
11/22/2017 04:01
Amazing content on my #onlyfans
11/22/2017 03:57
11/22/2017 03:52
RT @Ixwie: have u ever accidentally ignored someone for SO long that by the time u see the message again it would actually be rude of u to…
11/22/2017 03:52
RT @NathanHRubin: Charles Manson, cult leader & serial killer died today. And just for reference, here’s Trump & Manson side-by-side. htt…
11/22/2017 03:51
RT @Knownasjen_: Like Naomi Campbell said "if you have to talk to more than 3 people about the same problem, you don't want help, you want…
11/22/2017 03:50
RT @NaeSimon: If Kris Jenner ever did a business master class I would queue outside like it was the release of Fenty…
11/22/2017 03:42
11/22/2017 03:16


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Country United Kingdom
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Ethnicity Mediterranean
Build Curvy
Height 5 foot 8 inch (172cm)
Weight 121-130lbs (55-60kg)
Eye color Blue
Hair color Dark brown

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