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Christine Lewis

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About me

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my profile. My name is Christy. I'm a sweet, shy, but naughty little housewife. You would never think it, but I love sex. There's nothing wrong with that, either!

I love showing off, and have made a few hotwife videos as well.

I'm 5'1" tall, and I've got naturally curly hair.

I'm 100% natural and currently have no tats or body piercings besides my ears, in some of my stuff, I may have a nose ring or a li…


02/23/2018 16:44
Sending out dirty pictures..... Need a pre-game before tonight's date? Lol
02/21/2018 23:36
Reduced price on my phone calls for a limited time! I'm feeling naughty...
02/21/2018 19:00
Buy my replica pussy and feel me my lovely pervs
02/21/2018 08:44
💯 me.
02/21/2018 08:37
Mmmm pizza.
02/21/2018 00:13
Chilling outside... listening to nature.. but you.know, we could be is in my hand..……
02/20/2018 17:36
It's such a pretty day out. :)
02/19/2018 21:10
Hmm it's been a few days since I got a dirty phone call.... ;)
02/19/2018 02:20
New video coming soon........ ;)


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Country United States of America
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Build Average
Height 5 foot 1 inch (155cm)
Weight 111-120lbs (50-54kg)
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black

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