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About the Studio:

German Findomme, Fetishqueen & Sadist.

I’m a member of the foot fetish community for 5 years now and during this time I had a lot of fun trying very different things; from footworship to trampling and ballbusting.

I’m often asked how my fetish started. Well …, my ambitions to play sadistic and vicious games already existed when I was in elementary school.

At this time – if there was a favorable opportunity – I enjoyed it to drop the gym bags of my male classmates with all its contents in the toilet bowl of our locker room. I completely enjoyed the moments when “my victims” were hysterically looking for the culprit whom they never assumed to be the blond girl with the angel face.

Also, at this time, I had already various fantasies about restraints and mild torture; however, it was neither possible for me to speak about them nor to fully understand them.

My sadistic streak continued during my teenage years. My ex-boyfriends had to endure a lot during our relationships and especially after they were ceased. It started with mild sissyfication/feminization games – including the taking of pictures as evidences for my private photo archive ;) – and went to torturing them with my sweaty socks which had been worn the whole day and ended with face slapping and ear pulling. All in all, I did quite a lot of nasty things to them :). Those friends who had a pindick were also outed and publicly ridiculed after the end of our relationship.

Looking back today, I’m quite happy that I never had to fear consequences for my behavior from those weaklings, because I would have deserved it a couple of times for sure. ^^

All those experiences have affected me and encouraged me to do the things I like to do. My fetish is completely natural to me, that’s why I living it straightforward and why I love playing with my slaves in public places.

However, behind closed doors, in the privacy of my home, I enjoy it even much more. Almost nothing is as fulfilling for me as molding a slave according to my wishes and to give free rein to my sadistic likings.

I started producing my own fetish and FemDom clips about 2 years ago. This is a great way for me to live out my bizarre fantasies. Not for nothing my clip stores belong to the most likeable stores within the BDSM and MS community. With well over 100 clips I’ve shot quite a lot of different activities and scenarios … but by far not enough yet!

So, if you have a special fantasy for a FemDom or fetish clip, just order your clip from me. The more exciting the idea, the better it is.


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