Customs4U Cash Programs Do you have websites with traffic? How about blogs? Social network influence? Or do you know loads of talent who don't have Customs4U accounts yet? If any of these apply to you, then you can earn money off the Customs4U affiliate program (Kinky Cash) or the performer referral program!

Kinky Cash Affiliate Program

Customs4U is among the few clip sites that allow for affiliate promotion, and since our re-launch in 2015, we have been using the most powerful affiliate tracking software NATS 4! This means that Kinky Cash affiliates can easily link to any page on Customs4U with their NATS linking code to promote performer profile pages, individual clips, or even the new webcam profiles!

Earn 5% revshare from every credit package sale!

Kinky Cash affiliates who send their porn star and fetish traffic to Customs4U can earn 5% off of every one of their customers who buys credit packages, for their customers lifetime. This means that you will get 5% of every initial sale your traffic makes, as well as 5% off of every credit package your customer buys afterwards!

Direct link to performer profiles, clips, or webcam pages.

With NATS, it's easy to deep link to any page on the site. However, for your convenience we have added hundreds of pages to the system so you can pick and choose who to link to while letting the system put your affiliate ID in the link!

Offering Payoneer or International Wires

At this time Kinky Cash is offering payoneer or wire payouts.

Sign up for Kinky Cash and start earning 5% off of every credit package sale!

Customs4U Talent Referral Program

If you don't really have affiliate traffic to send to Customs4U, but you know loads of performers who don't yet have an account on Customs4U, then why not sign up as a referrer and earn 5% off of every one of your referral's sales? It's as easy as signing up for a normal Customs4U member account and turning on your referral program option to get your own link code, specific to you!Customs4U Performer Referral Program

You're not taking anything away from the performers you refer!

At Customs4U, we try to be as performer friendly as possible. We know making quality custom videos and clips takes time and effort, so we believe that our performers should get their full percentage. So even though you're getting 5% of what was purchased from them, they still get to keep everything we promised that they would get! So it's a win, win! You bring us performers, we reward you with a little bit of what they earn. And, with custom videos going for $100 or more (up to well over $1,000), that 5% can be very interesting!

How is referral income rewarded?

All incoming revenue on Customs4U is in the form of credits. However, as an approved referrer, you can link your Payoneer account with us and receive cash payouts (in USD). Each credit translates to $0.10.

How do I become an approved referrer?

We allow customers to refer performers to earn credits to use on the site. However, we know that some affiliates and promoters use referral programs as their business model. So if this is you, all you need to do is get in contact with and ask us to allow your account to pay out in cash! It's THAT easy!

What if I already have a performer, studio, or member account. Do I need another to become a referrer?

No! If you have an account, all you need to do is go to the referral tab and turn on the program to get your link! In fact, if you're a performer or studio, you're already approved for payouts as well!

When can I get my money?

The minimum to cash out is $21 and the second you get the minimum you can cash out. So this means if you get $21 today, you can request your money. If 2 days from now you get another $21, you can get another payout!

What kind of fees are involved with payouts?

We have 2 programs for payouts. The standard program is 100% free but takes up to 14 days for your payout to hit your Payoneer account. The other program is the Express Payout option, which takes up to 3 days but costs 5% of what you're cashing out. So it's your choice if you want to keep everything you earned, but get paid out slower, or give up 5% and get paid quickly!

Sign up to become part of the Customs4U performer referral program today!