I don't fuck losers! JOI Humiliation

  • Model: Aeryn Walker
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The truth is easy to flaunt!

"Dear Aeryn,
I’d like you to be naked and to flaunt your fabulous body at me. Please tell me that I’ll never get to have sex with you or touch your body ever. Encourage me to pull myself as you tell me that you fuck lots and lots of guys and girls but I'll never be one of them. Show me the positions you fuck, suck, lick them. Keep telling me to pull myself as you remind me that you’d never let me near your incredibly hot body. Close to the end tell me to pull hard until I cum and then laugh at me being here alone with cum on myself.
I’m sure you’re not a mean person but it would be fun if you could act that way. Whatever you do it’ll be great. Thanks!"