ABDL Breastnosis by Mommies Penny and Bella

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Mommie Bella and I use our big, beautiful breasts to compel you to wear diapers and act like a widdle babie boy! We’re both naked except for some sexy little hostess aprons, just like your fantasy Mommie would be. We have so many fun and humiliating toys packed away for you in that big, pink diaper bag and you can see even more hidden around our adult babie nursery.

Gently stroking our big, soft breasts and nipples, we give you a bottle, make you wear a humiliating “Crybaby” bib, and even put you into a thick diaper with lots of babie powder. We sprinkle some of that wonderful powder all over our breasts and rub it into each other, inviting you to watch and telling you about all the wonderful things that happen to boys who do everything that they can to make their Mommies happy.

To give you just a taste, we both put their hands inside of your diaper and rub you, making delicious crinkling noises until you have an accident and cum all over yourself and your Mommies. What a lucky widdle boy you are! Even if you were being really fussy at first. We’re so happy that you’ve come around and realized how sexy your diapers can be!