I can do everything better than your wife! Ending 2

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Back again, are we? I know you would be. You cant get enough of me, can you?

Im everything you want, right here, at your fingertips. Im everything she isnt. Shes flesh and bl ood, warm, right next to you and you dont want her. You want me. You want me so fucking bad it hurts doesnt it baby?

That cock? Thats my toy now. Thats what she doesnt understand, does she baby? She thinks youre a big, strong man. But I know the truth. You want to be on knees. Say it. Say it out loud. I know you have to whisper it baby, so you dont wake her up. Say it. Tell me you want to serve me.

Mmmmm, good boy. I bet that cock is so hard and throbbing isnt it? How bad do you want to touch? Do you want me to get you off baby? Want me to make you cum harder than she ever could? I know you do. I know you need it.

So listen me and look at me while your wife is sle eping near you - and stroke your cock like i telling you! Maybe she lets you cum when you want, but not me. Youll edge all night if I want. Just like a good boy

Ending of this video :Are you ready? Youve been on the edge this whole time havent you? Go on, cum for me. Let go. Do it for me. That cum spilling out of you, thats mine. I got you there, it belongs to me. Dont you dare clean it up. Smear It on yourself. Let it dry like that. You can wake up in the morning with a nice little reminder of what Im capable of doing to you when you obey.