Huge pee challenge! Part 1!!! 46 minutes 50 ml of piss every 5 minutes

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Kate allready drinked very a lot of liquides and have a fulkl bladder! So she can start the challenge!!! She must every 5 minutes pee no more than 50 ml,fill a glas and stop! and every 5 minutes drink 50 ml of water !!!! So in total she must pee so many times! Just imagine every 5 minutes!!!! Her pussy hurts from the pressure but she has to live up to the challenge. So she squirms desperately in a growing expectation of each point of release, trying to forget about the pressure! When the time comes, she is happy for a little while, then becomes desperate again as she cannot release everything... She desperating so a lot! Belly is full of piss and wate?! But she must win the challenge!

Wait for part 2!!!!