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Aussie babe with all natural 32FF breasts / curves, & a cheeky, dominant disposition! I've been filming & fucking in my own geeky & fetish feminist porn for years, documenting my IRL sex romps, fantasies & erotic roleplays.

AERYN + FRIENDS: While I often shoot solo smut, sometimes I have amazing dolls, dames, dommes, babes & brats of different types to film with on my adventures, so I'm happy to film lesbian, boy/girl & queer sex, kink & play at request when the opportunity arises


08/22/2017 16:49
RT @albinwonderland: Elated to publicly announce that Niko and I are officially married wives 💞
08/22/2017 16:48
RT @Science_Hooker: #sexwork #decrim…
08/22/2017 16:45
RT @serenaaaaaa13: solar eclipse (2017)
08/22/2017 16:44
RT @Just_Stunners: A pencil sketch of the gorgeous @naughtynerdy 📝😃 please RT
08/20/2017 01:26
RT @gogreen18: insults that rely on emasculation (dick size/being gay) perpetuate harmful notion that men need to prove themselves with agg…
08/20/2017 01:26
RT @gogreen18: why do so many ppl criticize the alt right by making fun of dick size? or calling them gay? not real criticism & these shoul…
08/18/2017 21:31
Wearing my new @VanyanisAttire corset for it's first day out. Comfy and perfect for sexy winter outfit #corset……
08/18/2017 21:25
RT @petewentz: Nazi punks fuck off forever.
08/18/2017 21:25
RT @gogreen18: internet: drama, sadniss, stupid trending topics IRL: hummingbirds, potting soil in fingernails, cute babes, bbq, tequila i…
08/18/2017 21:24
RT @gogreen18: hypocrisy double standards identity politics outrage culture self righteousness witch hunts pile ons lack of nuance just…
08/11/2017 23:53
08/10/2017 20:34
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08/10/2017 10:00
I'm on the @customs4u #top20! Take a look to see why!… #customs4u #customvideos #videoclips
08/10/2017 08:22
I'm on the #mostpopular list at #Customs4U ! Check me out and get a #clip!…
08/09/2017 20:04
I'm on the #mostpopular list at #Customs4U ! Check me out and get a #clip!…
08/07/2017 04:30
RT @avelvetsphynx: My plan for a porn domination is kicking off - I wanna be THAT girl. Collab with me! Shoot me! Send me a message, let's…

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