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Aussie babe with all natural 32FF breasts / curves, & a cheeky, dominant disposition! I've been filming & fucking in my own geeky & fetish feminist porn for years, documenting my IRL sex romps, fantasies & erotic roleplays.

AERYN + FRIENDS: While I often shoot solo smut, sometimes I have amazing dolls, dames, dommes, babes & brats of different types to film with on my adventures, so I'm happy to film lesbian, boy/girl & queer sex, kink & play at request when the opportunity arises


07/25/2017 23:19
RT @anamarinamri: To my comrades on the left: I'm begging you, recognize sex work as labor. Fight with us for decrim. Give us the mic and a…
07/25/2017 22:53
RT @nikkilipstick: 💕🎀 it's the best to find someone as fucking nerdy as you 🎀💕
07/25/2017 22:47
RT @Mz_Penelope: I get asked often if I run workshops... If I did, what would you like to see? What would you…
07/25/2017 22:45
RT @penandkink: @KinkeePanda @Mz_Penelope This exchange was so gorgeous.
07/25/2017 22:43
RT @gogreen18: one of the simplest ways to break out of an echo chamber is to follow some peeps you disagree w. my timeline is more interes…
07/25/2017 22:43
RT @gogreen18: i also think virtue signaling may grow in popularity on the left, as a way to avoid being targeted by socjus witch hunts, ki…
07/25/2017 22:43
RT @gogreen18: IMO virtue signaling is real, and it needs a name. too many socjus types care more about *feeling righteous* than having th…
07/25/2017 22:42
RT @gogreen18: virtue signaling could also refer to blindly condemning a "problematic" person or opinion for the sole purpose of feeling Mo…
07/23/2017 03:17
07/22/2017 21:03
RT @xychelsea: that someday is upon us 🌈💕 #WeGotThis 😎…
07/22/2017 21:02
It's weird when you have an image in your head of someone from news txt but then you see a pic of them and they are cute AF @xychelsea
07/22/2017 20:57
RT @morganadoco: We use creative illustrative elements by #stopmotion queen @isabel_peppard Help us get over 50% on @kickstarter https://t.…
07/22/2017 20:17
RT @shycloud_CB: come, roll in all the riches all around you, and for once, never wonder what they're worth. 💧🌾🌏

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