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Aussie babe with all natural 32FF breasts / curves, & a cheeky, dominant disposition! I've been filming & fucking in my own geeky & fetish feminist porn for years, documenting my IRL sex romps, fantasies & erotic roleplays.

AERYN + FRIENDS: While I often shoot solo smut, sometimes I have amazing dolls, dames, dommes, babes & brats of different types to film with on my adventures, so I'm happy to film lesbian, boy/girl & queer sex, kink & play at request when the opportunity arises


06/21/2017 04:40
Babes- recommend me your boob surgeons! I'm tired of pain & suffering and I want to get a lift but I'm scared of lollypop scars!
06/19/2017 04:57
RT @_MasterRED_: #FathersDay
06/17/2017 03:41
RT @TheGoodDeath: Love the folks who watch my videos, but re: comments like "if you don't want MEEEE to unsubscribe, you will change this t…
06/17/2017 03:40
RT @ryxntx: "Crop tops are for girls only"
06/17/2017 03:39
RT @ViolaTheHuman: Me: *drinking energy drink on the train minding my own business* Some old guy: "that stuff'll kill ya" Me: "do you wan…
06/15/2017 08:23
RT @Dirt_Erotic: My new site is up! it has pricing info more pics - let me know what you think! x…
06/14/2017 20:46
RT @AlexVicia: Go to and book your three on one ☝️ with My colourful team 😉#diaryofadominatrix #mistressalex #domin…
06/14/2017 17:02
RT @barks: blessing ur timeline
06/14/2017 16:59
RT @gogreen18: it's one thing when trolls do it, but reading some of my favorite feminist authors reduce my opinion to "money" & "dick" has…
06/14/2017 16:59
RT @ViolaTheHuman: Radical softness as a weapon.
06/14/2017 16:51
RT @PennyRed: The Future Is Feminist.
06/14/2017 16:49
06/14/2017 16:48
RT @leemkuilschu: Google begins beta testing "feudalism"
06/14/2017 16:46
RT @ZahraStardust: Brilliant @naughtynerdy built this sex-art archive for me, featuring my visual & performance art collaborations! 😊 https…
06/13/2017 16:55
F/F #BDSM book written by local writer. Support fem authors and the kink lit you wanna see!… #queer #erotic

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