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Amber Chase

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Artist, Scholar, Model , Director Actress Hypnotic Domina Stunt girl ASMR FINdom AVN-nom F-cup w/ a BA BS MPA


01/23/2017 14:37
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01/23/2017 14:37
RT @amberchase: . @JohnMon084 omg that is so funny yes we had blooming opinions! wow you must love @Outback to know the location from the b…
01/23/2017 13:42
RT @amberchase: . @mafro85 @avnawards oh yes fantasy princess 👑 #latexbelle
01/23/2017 13:42
RT @amberchase: More hot pics of me in latex #lustdesigns #bigboobs #rubber…
01/23/2017 13:25
RT @amberchase: Ahhhh #vegas in the rear view mirror
01/23/2017 11:31
RT @amberchase: This was a custom love spell video, where I drink a potion and lose my inhibitions for the first guy I see…
01/23/2017 11:31
RT @amberchase: It is super sexy how Candi Electra seduces @TisAnnaBelleLee and her pretty pink pussy…
01/23/2017 04:16
RT @amberchase: Thank you for the wonder and magic @Cirque .... O
01/23/2017 03:54
RT @amberchase: Winning with an easy come easy go attitude
01/23/2017 03:43
RT @amberchase: Learning what to do at a dice game
01/23/2017 03:31
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01/23/2017 03:31
RT @amberchase: Winning at the roulette table
01/23/2017 03:14
RT @amberchase: Wooo hooo won big at the black jack table
01/23/2017 02:17
RT @TheEyeOfOsirian: Ambers Perfect Rose Is In Her Busty Garden -… @AmberChase @ChadWhiteXXX @NSDSXXX…
01/23/2017 00:23
RT @amberchase: I just kept moving gliding and twirling lol my seats would allow for much sitting in such close quarters lol my feet hurt l…
01/23/2017 00:18
RT @amberchase: This is how you end your week of @avnexpo and the @avnawards with cirque du soleil "o"
01/22/2017 23:50
RT @amberchase: One word... O
01/22/2017 23:00
RT @amberchase: #eyecontact #clevage #pigtails
01/22/2017 22:45
RT @amberchase: After the AVNs…


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Country United States of America
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual
Build Athletic
Height 5 foot 4 inch (162cm)
Weight 111-120lbs (50-54kg)
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Auburn

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